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September 4, 2012 / needhamgrassroots

“The quote is actually the opposite of how it’s been interpreted”

“New Yorker columnist and White House correspondent Ryan Lizza corrected the often-repeated right-wing media claim that President Obama has a policy of “leading from behind. On CNN’s Starting Point, tea party spokeswoman Amy Kremer referred to the claim that Obama supposedly has a weak stance foreign policy by agreeing that she thought the president was “leading from behind.”

Kremer was echoing a pervasive right-wing media fallacy that is repeated even now, and has become the title of a book by conservative commentator Richard Miniter. The right-wing media claim has also been picked up by leading Republicans.

However, as Lizza explained on CNN this morning, contrary to the right-wing media narrative, the quote was not an admission that Obama has a weak foreign policy. Lizza explained that he had written the article that contained the “leading from behind” quote, which actually refers to the Obama administration’s successful effort to lead “a coalition in the U.N. to get military authorization to topple Gadhafi.”

Lizza continued: “So the quote actually is the opposite” of how it has been interpreted. It “actually refers to the strategy that Obama used in the U.N. to support the U.S.’ use of force resolution, because after the Bush years it was really hard for the U.S. to go to the U.N. and get support for the use of force because Bush was really, really unpopular.”

New Yorker’s Lizza Debunks Right-Wing Media’s “Leading From Behind” Lie | Blog | Media Matters for America –


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