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September 6, 2012 / needhamgrassroots

Comment of the Day: on Obama and Jobs

from NYT comment section on “Did Obama Save Ohio?”, JHSeattle, WA comments:

“As a Facebook meme going around correctly points out,

“The Republicans’ blaming of President Obama for not creating more jobs is exactly like Lucy’s blaming Charlie Brown for not kicking the football.”

Even having NYTimes perpetuate this false argument that Pres. Obama MAY OR MAY NOT be credited with economic recovery is a sign that the media is working hard to not have a spine, because having a spine means one might be called “biased.”Easy “argument:”

1) Who was in the Oval Office when economy tanked? George W. Bush.

2) Who was in the Oval Office when Ohio has been experiencing its economic recovery? Barack Obama.

Certainly, if Pres. Obama is to be blamed for everything under the sun as the Republicans would like to, including rising gas prices and the effects of the worst drought in decades, then Pres. Obama also needs to be credited for economic recoveries that are happening across America, especially in light of the constant, substantial obstructionism the Republicans have been practicing in Congress.

Sorry GOP, the real enemies of America, you don’t get to have it both ways.”

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