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September 18, 2012 / needhamgrassroots

Straight-up Randianism

from the Daily Beast – Lawrence O’Donnell said last night that this is the worst thing a presidential candidate has ever said. Okay, we don’t know every word that came out of Martin van Buren’s mouth. But limiting matters to the television age, I agree. We’ve never had a candidate embrace straight-up Randianism like this, just telling half the people he’d allegedly represent as president to piss off.

And the way he said it. As I watched it again last night, after I wrote the column that appears below this post, I became more convinced that he really, really meant it. Listen to the way he says “en-TITLED.” To housing! Food! You name it!

I know a lot of you will defend this for political reasons, but honestly, if you really truly think that, if you really think that half the country, everyone who votes for Obama, sits around waiting for the government to do everything for them, that the great majority of these people, indeed almost all of them, aren’t out there working hard, raising kids, teaching them good values, saving what they can, being decent people and good Americans and trying their best, you are warped with hatred and selfishness.

Read more: Romney’s Press Conference and the Right’s Reaction – The Daily Beast (9/18/2012)


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