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September 24, 2012 / needhamgrassroots

Study: Fact-checkers find Romney/GOP lie twice as much as Democrats

“This Is Not A Pipe” – R. Magritte

via AmericaBlog — 

Facts have a liberal bias.  And lies have a conservative one.

This study is from George Mason University, a lesser college in the Washington, DC area that is known as a hotbed of conservative activism.  So take anything you ever hear from “GMU” with a huge grain of salt.  Often there’s a conservative bias, and funding stream, underlying folks from that university.

This study, by the self-proclaimed non-partisan “Center for Media and Public Affairs” – which has been accused of conservative ties in the past – finds that media fact-checkers found Mitt Romney and the GOP lied twice as much as Democrats.  It’s some coincidence that the study came out just a few weeks after the Republican party collectively decided that it’s time to start tearing down fact-checkers.

In any case, the study found that the fact-checkers rated Romney and the GOP liars twice as much as they rated Dems as liars.

read the whole thing here:


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