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October 6, 2012 / needhamgrassroots

Sununu dog whistles and the media’s compliance

Earlier this year:

Sununu reiterated his dog whistles. “How can you be President of America, how can you be President of this country if you condemn the success that America is noted for?” Sununu “asked.” He later said Obama had “reveal(ed) his real feelings about the country” and described his policies as, “not very happy with an American agenda of success.”

Williams did a good job of spiritedly countering the charges. He pointed out, for example that Obama bailed out Wall Street. But Williams never once challenged any of the over-the-top rhetoric. Nor did he put up any resistance to keeping the focus on President Obama’s supposed condemnation of “success.”

Why? Because Democrats buddy up to Republicans on Fox while almost no attack on Democrats or liberals is out of bounds.

From Juan Williams And Hannity Give Sununu A Pass On His “Obama Is Un-American” Dog Whistles – NewsHounds – 

And then there was this:

Mitt Romney campaign co-chair and former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu (R) appeared on Fox News on Thursday and took a victory lap following last night’s first presidential debate.

Sununu described Obama’s performance as “babbling,” “lazy,” and “disengaged,” and dismissed the possibility that he could do better in the future. “When you’re not that bright you can’t get better prepared,” he said. Watch it:

FROM:  ThinkProgress

And this:

After Mitt Romney’s strong, although lie-filled and substance free performance at the debate last night, it seems his surrogate John Sununu is out to destroy the only good day in the news cycle Romney has had in months. Sununu appeared on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell and called President Obama “lazy and disengaged” in regard to his debate prep and performance the previous evening.

After he was done with the racist dog-whistles, he then spent the rest of the segment arguing with Mitchell about Mitt Romney’s tax plan and their refusal to give specifics to come up with the dollars to match the tax cuts they want to give to the wealthiest individuals in America.

As President Obama repeatedly pointed out during the debate last night, and others have as well, Romney’s numbers just don’t add up unless you raise taxes on the middle class. Usually Sununu just rolls over Mitchell without much push back. It was nice to see her take a cue from Soledad O’Brien and take him on with some of the lies.

From: John Sununu Calls President Obama ‘Lazy and Disengaged’ | Video Cafe – 



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  1. G / Oct 6 2012 1:20 PM

    “…John Sununu is out to destroy the only good day in the news cycle Romney has had in months. Sununu appeared on MSNBC…”

    Hilarious. Romney has had plenty of good days, but unfortunately over 70% of our media is in the tank for Obama and creates a false narrative. Sununu appearing on MSNBC makes little impact on anything. The only people who watch MSNBC are those on the Left who just want to reinforce their misconceptions or those on the Right looking for a good laugh.

    As for the “$5 trillion tax cut”, that is easy to explain. First the context for the background of where that number comes from. Based on a 20 percent across-the-board reduction in marginal tax rates, plus elimination of the estate tax and the alternative minimum tax (AMT), assuming all taxable money stays the same, results in about $456 billion a year in less taxes collected. Over 10 years, that rounds up to $5 trillion. That figure does not take into account the loopholes that would be closed in the same tax policy. The $456 billion per year could easily be made up in closing the loopholes and cutting out unnecessary government expenditures before the additional revenue brought in by growing the GDP is even considered. [ed. note: …About Mitt Romney’s $5 Trillion Tax Cut – Forbes]

    Traditionally, regardless of tax rates, tax revenues amount to approximately 18% of GDP. In very sluggish times, as low as 16%, and in robust times as high as 20%. But, generally stay close to 18%. The key then is to grow the GDP so that 18% equals a greater amount. The question then is what tax rates support growing the GDP. Generally, lower taxes accomplish this. One easy example of lowering tax rates resulting in increased tax revenues is when the Republican Congress and Bill Clinton agreed to lowering Capital Gains Tax Rates in 1996 from 28% to 20% and Capital Gains Tax Revenues sky rocketed.

    Knowledge is power. The truth will set you free.

    • needhamgrassroots / Oct 6 2012 6:50 PM

      “The media is in the tank for Obama” — take a look at the evisceration of Obama after Monday’s debate, plus the universal declaration of Romney as the winner. Some “tank.”

      “Across the board” tax cut means that the very wealthy’s taxes will be cut. That’s what “across the board” means. Romney lied when he said he would not cut the wealthy’s taxes.

      “The loophole closings will make up for lost revenue.” — that’s a nice promise that loophole closing will fix everything… but it’s just a promise. Romney has failed to enumerate how he gets to his math. He says, “take my word for it, ” and gives zero specifics.

      Cutting Big BIrd does not do it and any serious (and honest) person will tell you that you can’t make it square w. loop hole closing.

      • G / Oct 7 2012 11:31 PM

        70% of the MSM is in the tank for Obama, but when 70 million people witness first hand that Obama got crushed in the debate, the media has to report is accurately or lose what little credibility they have left.

        I agree completely with “across the board” and I have serious concerns about it. I understood his tax plan to be an across the board cut, which I support. I don’t think it is fair that someone who grosses more dollars than I do should net less per dollar than me as a punishment. If Romney is backing off of this stance, as it appears he is, then I’m very disappointed. I’ll still support him against Obama, but I’ll also watch closely how he governs and be ready to support a challenger in the 2016 primaries.

        As for making up the difference in lowering the tax rates, please actually read what I wrote in my previous post as I explained it. It is not the tax rate that dictates the amount of revenue, it is our GDP.

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