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November 6, 2012 / needhamgrassroots

Boston Globe highlights the work of our friend in Walpole!

from the Boston Globe – Margaret Rolph of Walpole also said she believes she has persuaded some undecided voters — to choose Obama. She has been traveling to southern New Hampshire for several months, with small groups of Democratic volunteers, targeting the addresses of registered voters, people new to the state, and people who have not taken part in recent elections.

“I know very well that it’s kind of a numbers game, that just me talking to a couple of hundred people over time isn’t going to change anything,” she said. “But with the other volunteers, you’re hoping that maybe you’ve swayed a couple of thousand people and that, maybe, might have an effect for those four electoral votes.”

Rolph said she would have liked to travel to a swing state with more electoral votes at stake — say Ohio, which has 18 — but “New Hampshire was more practical.”

READ THE WHOLE THING: Massachusetts voters volunteer in swing states for Romney, Obama Volunteers go north to aid party – Metro – The Boston Globe –


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