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November 7, 2012 / needhamgrassroots

Thank You



You know who won last night? We did. We did the hard work, the endless and often thankless work of slogging thru phone calls, trudging thru unfamiliar neighborhoods to find no one home for the 10th straight door…

And because of that work, President Barack Obama won, both electoral and popular vote. And because of that work, Massachusetts now has our first woman US Senator: Elizabeth Warren; the people’s seat goes back to someone who looks out for the people.

In Needham, the people spoke loud and clear, resoundingly approving the non-binding Democracy Amendment‘ (“overturn-Citizens-United”)–4 to 1.

Thank you. Thank you for doing this work, thank you for time, your talents, your energy, your dollars. And a thank you for smaller, but for me, personal, things… for slogging thru my emails, letting me pester and needle, and then showing up exactly when we needed you most.

Let’s take a day (OK, a few, you earned it!) to celebrate, rest, do some laundry…

And then the REALLY hard work begins—creating the grassroots conditions to  encourage, pressure and demand that our electeds to fulfill our hopes and aspirations for them. If the last 4 years have taught us anything, it’s that we cannot sit back; we must continue to work and fight hard. The arc of history bends toward justice, but someone’s gotta do the bending.

Are you in?


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