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November 10, 2012 / needhamgrassroots

It’s About Being Part of the American Family

Via Andrew Sullivan, a provocative selection of quotes about the demographics problem in the Republican party, a nd what they need to do to fix it. Hint: it’s about policy (and also respect).

from the Daily Beast – Most post-election demographic analysis has focused on the GOP’s overwhelming loss of the Hispanic vote. Alex Massie encourages Republicans to show respect:

I don’t disagree with Max Boot when he says it would be useful if Republicans thought again about the DREAM Act but I think doing so will not be enough to solve the GOP’s hispanic problem. Because it is not just about immigration. It is about belonging. It is about respect. It is about being part of the American family. As Matt Yglesias observes –  in a characteristically excellent post – the GOP doesn’t understand this. Remember the brouhaha over Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court? Conservative snake-oil salesmen rushed to portray her as an “affirmative action” pick who was, anyway, some kind of racist because she had the temerity to suggest that her own background might prove a useful qualification for a place on the court. You don’t need to be an illegal immigrant to be annoyed by that.

Tomasky thinks Republicans need a new platform:

Latino people, like people generally, aren’t stupid. Allegiance comes from substance. It’s pretty simple. It doesn’t come from symbolism or rhetoric. As I got in the car yesterday morning, I heard a guy on NPR talking, didn’t catch his name, and he was talking about Republicans and blacks. He said basically: If Republicans want people of color to vote for them, they have to change their policies. They’ve been saying to blacks, for example, get off that Democratic plantation and join us. Well, that’s absurd. Democrats’ didn’t get the allegiance of women by hectoring them, by saying take off that apron, GOP housewives, and join us. They won it with policies.

Ruy Teixeira believes the GOP’s new Hispanic-friendly policies need to go beyond immigration reform:

I wrote a piece arguing that [GOP stances on immigration], in terms of projecting hostility toward that population, it clearly hurt them. But I also thought if you looked at Hispanics’ other opinions — opinions on the economy and opinions on the role of government, on education — just look at a wide variety of views on who can handle the economy, they’re very much aligned with the Democratic Party, and an activist view of government, and not with the hardcore, quasi-libertarian approach of the Republicans, which putting Paul Ryan on the ticket seemed to underscore. It wasn’t just immigration, but the general Republican stance on the role of government. I don’t think it just needs to be moving to the center on immigration, though that would certainly help. It needs to move on the role of government.

TNC adds:

I am hearing a great deal of talk about “appealing to Hispanics” and “appealing to women.” But I am not hearing much about endorsing actual policies. What happened [Tuesday] night is not a matter of cosmetics. This is not false consciousness. This a real response to real policies. Mitt Romney actually endorsed Arizona’s immigration policies. You can’t fix this by flashing more pictures of brown people.



See also: Univision News Tumblr, Latino conservatives ditch Republican Party (8/24/2012)


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