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December 12, 2012 / needhamgrassroots

Who Needs Unions?

Who needs unions? (Hint: The middle class)

Who needs unions? (Hint: The middle class)

via The Opinionated Democrat on Facebook — This is not a coincidence. “Right to Work” really means the right to work for less income, and allowing employers to hire cheap, low-skill labor. Thus becoming more and more like the nations that make all our other crap. Unions have fought hard for benefits that transfer all across the working world, whether unionized or not. They’ve gotten us the 40 hour work week, fair wages, OT, vacation, healthcare, retirement funds, etc. etc. etc….. Never forget this.

See also, Myths and Facts About ‘Right to Work’ Laws (and Unions/requirements):

Other reading:

The GOP’s War Against Unions Is Now Entering the Endgame | Mother Jones – (12/12/12)

  • Several decades ago the business wing of the party set out to destroy unions, and they’re now close enough to total victory that they can smell it.

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