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January 13, 2013 / needhamgrassroots

Reasons to be a Proud Progressive

liberal, progressive, and proudfrom Nation of Change

1. We focus on community rather than the individual.

2. We focus on progress rather than profits.

3. We rely on insight rather than instinct.

But if we’re so smart..

..Why do we lose the wars of language and emotion to the conservatives? Our opponents agree on big issues without too much thinking —like the Tea Party saying “less government” without considering the consequences.

We progressives agree on the need to take the trillion dollars of tax subsidies for the rich and use them for middle-class jobs in renewable energy technologies. But it’s not enough to agree. We need to put all our energy into that agreed-upon objective, to make America understand how important it is for ourselves and our children.

Read More: Why It’s a Privilege to be a Progressive in 2013 | NationofChange (1/13/2013) –


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