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March 4, 2013 / needhamgrassroots

Sabotaging the economy

Cut-spending-cut-jobsFrom Politicus – If one didn’t know better, it might seem Republicans are deliberately creating an economic environment that is guaranteed to fail and they are succeeding by convincing ignorant Americans that earning less, working less, and cutting government spending  under the guise of debt and deficit reduction is a common sense economic strategy. The only boost to the economy since the Great Recession was when government increased spending with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus) that the CBO found created at least 3.7 million jobs by mid-2012. Still, Republicans harp on cutting government spending to reduce the nation’s debt when they know full well that every spending cut kills jobs, and when jobs disappear, revenue and economic growth does as well.

Americans struggling to make ends meet need better wages and jobs. When they cannot pay rent, buy groceries, or afford healthcare, the last thing they care about is the nation’s deficit and a balanced budget, but that is the Republican agenda and it is time for Democrats to call out the absurd canard that taking money out of the economy helps the economy grow. There is a time to address debt and deficit, but it is not during an economic downturn or fragile recovery and austerity-drunk Republicans know it. However, they have trumpeted the debt and deficit meme for four years and regardless spending, debt, and deficit are all falling at a record pace, they control the narrative and are on pace to destroy recovery it took four years to accomplish, and that is their endgame.

From: Democrats Must Call Out The Absurd Canard That Spending Cuts Make The Economy Grow – Politicus (2/26/2013) –


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