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March 6, 2013 / needhamgrassroots

Do Rep Garlick, St. Sens. Rush and Ross think we’re conservatives?

Intriguing information from Progressive Mass — state legislators routinelyoverestimate how conservative their constituents are— making it that much more difficult for progressive legislation to pass. Right now, Beacon Hill is negotiating over revenue reforms so that we can fund our communities. We need to let our legislators know that MA residents favor progressive taxation and investing in our communities. On Tuesday next week, it’s “OUR COMMUNITIES” LOBBY DAY. Can you go to Boston and make sure your voice is heard? Sign in below. More info here:

Event begins in the Gardner Auditorium in the State House. Arrive at 10:30 a.m. and there’s a 30-45 minute program/rally between 11 am – noon. At noon folks will get materials they can use to talk that day to their Representatives and Senators about supporting new revenue, then we will ask folks to complete a brief report-back form on their visits.

There will be a 2nd Wave of lobbying from 3-4:30 for those who cannot come in the morning. There will be no program associated with this 2nd Wave, but we will have materials available for lobbing and report-back. This 2nd Wave might be particularly useful for teachers and others who need to work most of the day, but could come into the State House in the late afternoon.


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