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April 29, 2013 / needhamgrassroots

Needham Voters Support Ed Markey!

Needham Supports Ed MarkeyStatements of support below from Georgina Ruetenik, Pamela Steinfeld, Michael Greis, Bob Smart, Harmony Wu.

Other Needham endorsers (not comprehensive by any stretch!!) include:

— Scott Muldoon — Edith and Gordon Swan — Donna Vello — Cindy Matloff — John Kirk — Stacie Shapiro — Susan Kirk — Bill Okerman — Moe Handel — Clark Talor — Fredie Kay — Scott Muldoon — Jim Miara — Janet Baum — Peter Olive — Joni Schockett — Eleanor Shore — Miles Shore — Andrea Matthews — Dorothy DeSimone — Susan McGarvey — Terence Noonan —  Alli Cocuzzo — Ross Donald — Jim Glickman — Jess Kadar — Cliff Hayden — Peter Fox — Penny Kirk — Ed Scheideler —

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Pamela Steinfeld, Georgina Ruetenik, Georgina Ruetenik:

We write to express our strong support for Congressman Ed Markey for the U.S. Senate in the special election primary on April 30th. There are so many reasons to vote for Ed Markey.   Here’s three:

First, Ed Markey has successfully fought for the right of all people to gain access to healthcare by voting in favor of the Affordable Care Act.

Access to healthcare is an issue that affects all families.

Along these lines, Ed Markey also promoted funding for research to prevent and treat diseases,  such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease, which affect many in our country .  For example, in 2008, he co-sponsored the Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act, to provide treatment for people with substance abuse and/or mental health problems, and assistance to many in need of services for these ailments.

Second, we applaud Ed Markey for his record on environmental issues.  Feeling passionately about the state of the earth that we are handing off to our children and wanting it to be a healthy environment in which future generations may thrive, Ed Markey has helped by zealously supporting the Superfund bill that led to a clean-up of the worst toxic waste sites in our country.   By doing so, he stood up for children, like those who developed leukemia linked to toxins from toxic industrial sites in Woburn.  In addition, he co-authored the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act – legislation targeted to reducing global warming.

Though only for brevity for this letter as many more reasons can be listed,  a third reason, for our support for Ed Markey’s candidacy, includes the fact that he has been a conscientious proponent of reproductive freedom and preventative health services for women.  There are many health issues unique to women.

A woman’s ability to gain/keep access to these health care services affects not only her well-being, it also affects her children and her family as a whole.

In short, we take a broad view of what constitutes “women’s issues.”  Ensuring that all people have access to adequate healthcare, that all of our children and future generations inherit an environment that isn’t toxic, and that women retain reproductive freedom are all “women’s issues.”  These are issues, which are of concern to many.  Ed Markey cares about these issues, and we want him to represent us, and all in Massachusetts, in the U.S. Senate.

It is imperative that voters turn out on April 30th in the primary and again on June 25, and please vote for Ed Markey for U.S. Senate.   Thank you for your consideration.

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Michael Greis:

I know – we seem to live in an endless cycle of elections.  It started back in January 2010, when Scott Brown was first elected to the US Senate.  Three years later, we are again voting to fill a US Senate seat.  The stakes are, if anything, higher than they were back then.

If we’re going to ever move past the embarrassing states of the current US Congress–

 –We need strong and well-informed leaders in the Senate – Senators who have demonstrated an ability to get things done as well as a deep understanding of the challenges and the opportunities facing us.

Massachusetts is a world leader in innovation and the development of new technologies.  Can you imagine a world without pervasive high-speed broadband technologies?  One US Representative led the charge for the telecommunications revolution in the mid-1990’s – Ed Markey.  Recognized on both sides of the aisle as the most knowledgeable person on issues of telecommunications and regulation, he led the effort to pass the Telecommunications Act that made high-speed broadband a reality in the US – well before most of us understood what that would mean.

In 2010, when the Republicans in the House of Representatives had already become the “party of no”, Ed Markey, then the Chair of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, managed to secure passage of the Waxman-Markey bill creating a comprehensive approach to addressing energy and climate change, including a cap & trade system – a market-based approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

cap and tradeI was among a group of several hundred people from around the country – activists, entrepreneurs, small-business leaders, faith-based leaders, veterans, representatives of recreational tourism and farmers –  who traveled to Washington in the summer of 2010 to  try to persuade the Senate to take up and pass similar legislation.

Those of us from New England met with Ed Markey.  He knew the issues in detail.  He understood how to count votes in the Congress.  But what he demonstrated most of all was an understanding of how these national issues connected to his home state.  He asked, simply, why would a Senator from Massachusetts – which has to import all its energy (and export cash to pay for it) – take his marching orders from a coal-state Senator (Mitch McConnell) instead of from his constituents, who have to pay those bills?

That’s the understanding – of issues and their impact on constituents — that Massachusetts needs in the US Senate.  That’s an ability to get things done that Massachusetts needs in the US Senate.

Please join me in voting for Ed Markey  for US Senate in the special primary on Tuesday, April 30th and then again on Tuesday June 25th.

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Bob Smart:

Why vote in a primary?  There are reasons not to care. We don’t have Elizabeth Warren to support, or Scott Brown holding a seat he never should have gotten in the first place.  Nobody is paying attention.  Congressmen Markey and Lynch [the other Democrat in the primary] are boring.


So what.  If you want to be entertained, catch Louis C.K. Or go to the movies. We’re in a representative democracy. There are 100 seats in the Senate. It’s close.  The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) barely passed, and it’s in danger of being whittled away and de-funded by the Republican Party and a few Democrats.

Ed Markey voted for the Affordable Care Act. Stephen Lynch voted against it [And Gomez is against it]. Lynch said one of the reasons he voted no was because the Act did not contain a public option.  But he spoke against a public option in Milton, in response to a question about Medicare for all. Ed Markey will defend the Act. I’m not convinced that Steve Lynch will.

women's health careCongressman Markey is a strong supporter of women’s reproductive rights.  Congressman Lynch voted to establish an embryo or a fetus as a legal person, voted against allowing women in the military to use private funds to pay for abortions at overseas military hospitals, and voted to deny abortion coverage to women who receive federally subsidized health insurance.

Ed Markey has done good work in the House as a member of the National Resources Committee (public lands, national parks, oceans), and as Chairman of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, where he has pushed for increases in fuel economy standards.  Gene Karpinski, President of the League of ConservationVoters, said “there is no greater environmental champion in Congress than Ed Markey.”

I urge you to go to the polls on April 30th [and again on June 25 Tuesday] and vote for Ed Markey.

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Harmony Wu:

Not every state in our nation has voters progressive enough to send a US Senator to Washington who is to the left of our President. Massachusetts is lucky that way.

Who we send to the Senate can either stake out the direction on a number of crucial issues facing our country — or be one of a number of passably OK politicians.

We have a renewed assault on women’s reproductive rights; Markey’s been strongly pro-choice for decades and has been unequivocally endorsed by NARAL. His opponent has not.

Ed Markey’s already a peerless leader on the environment, pushing forward–not stalling– on climate change, and pushing back against Big Oil. As the neo-cons are rising up for war again, he’ll fight to keep our civil liberties strong. While the conservatives (and conservative Democrats) have started to come around on equal marriage, Ed Markey will continue forging the path–not following the crowd– on LGBTQ equality. And don’t even get me started on health care!! Ed Markey will be a champion –not just one of the crowd– on the issues that need championing in today’s political climate.

scott brown regular guyBut… remember…we ARE the state that elected Scott Brown. Lynch appeals to that voter and has been running in that vein. To send the progressive candidate to Washington, we have work to do and we should take nothing–nothing!– for granted. Please help get out the vote

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