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June 12, 2013 / needhamgrassroots

Here’s the WORST Reason Why We GOTV:

It’s because not everyone votes.

In fact, a shocking number of people who CAN vote NEVER vote, and there are plenty of those who vote for the “big” Presidential elections never vote in mid-terms or special elections (let alone state and local elections!). As David Bernstein reported from President Obama’s visit, stumping for Ed Markey:

Barack Obama, Ed MarkeyThis rally was not primarily about convincing people to vote for Markey —

it was to convince them to vote, period.

The concern is that the most loyal Democratic voters in the state—urban minorities and young progressives—are also the most unreliable voters, especially in special elections and without a particularly inspiring name at the top of the ballot.

So when we go out on doors and remind people about election day, and get them to YES go to the polls THIS TIME, we are hoping that we can do this at a rate higher than the opponent can do it. And pulling out those extra few Sometimes Voters can alter the election.

Whole campaigns would be structured differently (more on ISSUES, perhaps?) if we had a more reliable voting public. But alas, that is not our reality, so knock on doors and remind and remind and remind and plead and cajole and pester we must!


You have a part to play. Tell all your friends and families about the importance of voting this election, tell them why you support Ed Markey, and bug them to put Election Day on their calendars. And then bug them again on June 23, 24 to remind them and June 25 to make sure they VOTE!

And volunteer on the campaign at least 2 hours over the next 13 days. Sign up for Needham shifts, here:



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