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September 25, 2013 / needhamgrassroots

Minimum Wage (and the Paradoxes of the American Myths)

RaiseTheMinimumWageAIn the 2012 campaign and every day in the right wing gabbosphere, we heara lot about people who need to take personal responsibility, pull themselves up by their boot straps to be successful and get a piece of the middle-class American dream. These are fantastic, foundational myths of America, and they’ve sustained our progress for generations. But increasingly, the data show that “work hard and you’ll get ahead” is, precisely, myth.  And contradict some other favorite right-wing narratives: 47%, takers, moochers, the poor have a free ride…

How can working people pay taxes if they can’t make ends meet?

How can the poor get off welfare if they their full-time wages?

The Recession has proven stubbornly resistant and the recovery stubbornly slow. Add to that, the Minimum Wage has lost significant value over decades.

Some data:

Real Value of Minimum Wage Droppd

Wage Inequality in MA1 in 5 Workers affected

Higher Wages Is Higher Spending

It’s time to RAISE THE WAGE in Massachusetts.

Help us get the minimum wage increase on the ballot in 2014: Join our Needham signature gathering efforts:


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