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October 18, 2013 / needhamgrassroots

Shutdown Stunt Shows GOP Not Serious About Spending

shutdownS&P estimates $24 BILLION was lost from our economy due to the GOP shutdown. And in this, we now know to never take GOP seriously, especially not when they come for the safety net — which includes programs for education, families and children, and of course, social security.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, by way of Charlie Pierce:

…$24 billion has been flushed down the drain for a completely unnecessary political stunt. $24 billion dollars.

How many children could have been back in Head Start classes?

How many seniors could have had a hot lunch through Meals on Wheels?

How many scientists could have gotten their research funded?

How many bridges could have been repaired and trains upgraded?

The Republicans keep saying, “Leave the sequester in place and cut all those budgets.” They keep trying to cut funding for the things that would help us build a future. But they are ready to flush away $24 billion on a political stunt.

So I’m relieved [the shutdown is over], but I’m also pretty angry. We have serious problems that need to be fixed, and we have hard choices to make about taxes and spending. I hope we never see our country flush money away like this again. Not ever.

via Senator Professor Warren Would Like A Word – Esquire.


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