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December 3, 2013 / needhamgrassroots

Pop Quiz by Robert Reich

Today’s quiz: So why do congressional Republicans want to end extended unemployment benefits for 4 million jobless people and their families, cut food stamps for millions of Americans with barely enough to live even now, and keep the minimum wage where it is even though its inflation-adjusted value is thirty percent below what it was a half-century ago?
Because they
(A) believe only the fittest and wealthiest should survive and the poorer should perish (this used to be called “social Darwinism”);
(B) are financed by rich people and corporations that don’t want to spend a penny more on the less fortunate;
(C) are racist, and think the jobless and poor are mostly black and Latino;
(D) want a violent uprising that will turn America into a police state;
(E) none of the above (supply your own reason).



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