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February 7, 2014 / stacieshap

Juliette Kayyem – The Other woman?


It’s not that I’m trying to start any rumors about Juliette Kayyem, but in the Governor’s race in Massachusetts, there are those who originally thought of her as “the other woman”.

Apparently, since there seemed to be no need for two women in the race (argh), many people expected Juliette to quickly step out when Martha stepped in.  But after six months of success on the campaign trail, Juliette is not likely to walk away any time soon.

Juliette Kayyem began her career as a Civil Rights Attorney.  She later served as Homeland Security Advisor to Governor Patrick, as well as Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for President Obama.  She has also been a columnist for the Boston Globe, a Commentator on CNN, and has taught at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

The two underlying themes of her political philosophy are; (1) Inclusiveness – everyone should feel as though they belong, and (2) Preparedness – we must always be prepared for whatever might come our way.

Juliette believes in the government’s ability to do good and the potential for people to work together successfully, even if they have differing viewpoints.  Case in point: she served a vital role in the aftermath of the BP oil spill working with 5 Republican Governors, including Rick Perry, to accomplish their goals.

She also believes in bringing people together at all levels of government, and says she will work closely with both legislators and municipal leaders to solve the many problems facing the commonwealth today.

On the Issues (in brief) – (For more information check out Juliette’s issues page and the Kayyem Plan)

Education – She would like to make pre-K available to all children and make higher education accessible to anyone who would like to go to college.

Criminal Justice – She would like to reform the current criminal justice system by placing a greater emphasis on rehabilitation and reintegration programs, thus reducing the recidivism rate which is currently around 50%.

Job Creation – She would encourage public/private partnerships in developing a skilled workforce to take on the jobs of the future: biotech, healthcare, and green energy.  She plans to travel to other countries to encourage companies overseas to locate in Massachusetts.

Income Disparity – She supports multiple steps towards reducing the income gap:

  1. Creating Jobs
  2. Investing in social services to get people mobile and help them stay on track.
  3. Investing in education
  4. Increasing the minimum wage

Transportation – She believes a good transportation system will help bring companies to Massachusetts, and that our transportation system must include rail service to our ports.

On other issues:  She’s a strong supporter of immigration reform and equal rights for all.  She is also a strong supporter of the casino law.  She does not feel we should consider single payer healthcare at this time.  And, although she believes we should have an overall progressive tax system, it’s not clear whether as Governor she would advocate for progressive income tax reform.



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