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March 3, 2014 / stacieshap

Job Growth and the Economy

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Massachusetts has managed to keep unemployment rates below the national average, but there are plenty of people and communities here that are still suffering. Creating new jobs will be a priority challenge for the future governor. 

Steve Grossman has positioned himself as the job creator candidate in this race. if elected Governor, he has promised to bring 50,000 new manufacturing jobs to the Bay State over the next 5 years .  Steve has been a successful job creator in his business, but Don Berwick can also boast job creation experience as a result of his nearly 20 years as an executive at IHI.

All candidates support the idea of investing in infrastructure and technology.  Steve supports casino’s as a form of job growth. Martha is on the fence, and Don believes casinos will do more harm than good to the job market and the economy.

JOBS AND ECONOMIC GROWTH:  from their websites


All three candidates supported legislation to raise the Minimum Wage, and all three support the ballot initiative for Earned Sick Time.

Responses to JOB GROWTH & THE ECONOMY questions at DEBATES:

  • Lexington Debate – Open House w/ Jay Kaufman 1/16/14:  Watch Debate – Related question at 13:50




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