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March 4, 2014 / stacieshap

Martha Coakley


Martha Coakley received her undergraduate degree from Williams College in 1975, and her law degree from Boston University School of Law in 1979.  She  has spent most of her career practicing law in the public sector .

In 1979, When Martha graduated law school she received a very prophetic gift from her father – a plaque that read; “Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman”.  With those words in mind, Martha spent the next 27 years working her way up from Civil Litigator to eventually become the first female Attorney General in the history of the Commonwealth.

Over the years, Martha has successfully overseen and prosecuted numerous criminal, corruption and fraud cases, and has been a strong advocate for people’s rights.   Most recently, she has fought Wall Street mortgage lenders on behalf of homeowners, challenged the constitutionality of DOMA, and defended the constitutionality of the Buffer Zone law.

On the Issues (in brief) – For more information check out her Issues Page

Mental Health – Funding for mental health services rarely escapes budget cuts unscathed.  The devastating effect of under servicing the mentally ill is too often realized only after irreparable damage has been done.  This is an issue that is personal to Martha, and high on her priority list, as her brother suffered from mental illness and eventually committed suicide.  She would like to de-stigmatize mental illness so that those afflicted can receive the help they need without the fear of negative consequences. She would also like to provide more social services for youth in order to detect and treat illnesses early on.

Education – She wants to improve education by increasing access to early education programs and extending the school day.  She would also like to see our state colleges and universities shift their focus toward the jobs of the future.

Healthcare – She would like to see more emphasis on preventative care, and incentives that would reward doctors for good treatment of patients.  She does not support a single payer healthcare system at this time.

Job Creation – She would like to draw businesses to Massachusetts by creating a desirable workforce and improving regulations to make it easier for companies to do business here.

Revenue – Her hope is to fund her initiatives by eliminating waste, being more efficient, reducing healthcare costs, and shifting funds from less needed to more vital uses. On raising taxes – she said it wouldn’t be the first place she would go.

Gun Control – She believes in a persons right to own a gun, but supports efforts to reduce gun violence.  She does not support the one gun a month legislation, as she believes it would not be effective in Massachusetts.

On other issues:  She strongly supports raising the minimum wage. And, although she supports overturning Citizens United, she does not see a path to publicly funded elections at this time.



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