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March 12, 2014 / needhamgrassroots

Vote for Education: April 8

Community Announcement:

Dear Friend of the Needham Public Schools,
On Tuesday, April 8th you will have the opportunity to vote on a school override in the Town Election. This override will fund exciting initiatives in our schools and we need your help. Please read this email, send it to others and consider helping — even an hour can make a difference!
Overrides are often won or lost by a handful of votes so it is critical for you (and your spouse) to get to the polls on April 8th, and to encourage others to Vote YES!.
What will this override fund?
Expanded elementary programs 
– Spanish beginning in 1st grade
– New programming in science, technology, engineering, arts & mathematics (STEAM)
– Expanded physical education and wellness
– Kindergarten music
More time for learning
– 3 weeks of additional elementary instruction (25 more minutes per day)
– 1 week of additional middle school instruction (10 more minutes per day)
More time for teachers to work together to collaborate and improve curriculum, respond to student needs and make learning more exciting
How much will it cost?
The override cost is $1.5 million, or approximately $150 per year for the average Needham home.
Why should I care?
Needham has great schools, but we are behind our peers. This override will help us catch up.
– Needham’s elementary instructional hours rank 18 out of 21 neighboring towns, and our middle school hours rank 15 out of 17.
– Curriculum reviews done over the last 10 years show a clear need for improvements in programs and instruction. This override will make important changes to both.
– Numerous studies, and Needham’s own data (elementary Spanish was cut in 2006), show that students who start foreign language early are more proficient and perform better.
How can I help?
We have mere weeks to convince the Needham community to Vote YES! on April 8th. You can help by:
– Forwarding this email to your friends and encouraging others to Vote YES! on April 8th
– Liking us on Facebook – Yes for Needham Schools
– Putting an override lawn sign in your yard
– Holding campaign signs close to election day
– Addressing pre-printed “Dear Friend” postcards to 25 people
Please contact us at if you’re able to help — just 1 hour CAN make a difference!
Thank you for your support.
Andrea Carter, Cliff Hayden and Alison Rivers
Yes for Needham Schools Co-Chairs

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