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March 16, 2014 / stacieshap


Whether the job opportunities and revenue intake from casinos in Massachusetts will outweigh the inevitable social costs remains to be seen.  What’s undeniable though is that much of the revenue gained from casinos will come from those who can least afford it.  This is an issue on which the citizens of the state are split right down the middle, and the candidates views range from one end of the spectrum all the way across.  For some voters, this is likely to be a game changing issue.


Casinos: Will Massachusetts Truly Land in the Black? – by S. Shap

fyi – Atlantic City is in Need of a Sure Bet – By Max Ehrenfreund  | Washington Post


Don Berwick:

Don Berwick is the only candidate who supports repealing the casino law. Don recently had a Town Forum event to discuss casinos.  Check out the youtube video I posted on the Casino page under Don Berwick.

  • On Casinos – From his Website
  • Don Berwick says he supports effort to repeal Mass Casino Law – article by Robert Rizzuto, Mass Live
  • Don Berwicks Town Forum on Casinos:  Speakers at the event included Les Bernal of Stop Predatory Gambling, and Robert Steele, former Republican State Representative of Connecticut, who shared his first hand knowledge of the detrimental effects casinos have on the community. Watch the forum here:  

Martha Coakley:

Martha Coakley says casinos would not have been her first choice, but since they’re here, she wants to make sure they’re done right.  In her role as Attorney General, she had declared that it would be unconstitutional to repeal the casino law due to the land deals that had already been made.  This decision was later overruled by the SJC.  Although not sure at first, recently she has stated that she will not vote in support of the repeal.

Steve Grossman:

Steve Grossman supported the legislation to expand gambling because of the opportunities for what he believes will be good paying jobs with good benefits. With 250,000 people out of work, and a similar number underemployed, he believes this will serve the interests of the people in Massachusetts.  He would like to use the $300 million of revenue (gross gain minus lottery loss and health/safety funds) to invest in mental health services and education.  Steve intends to look at the data from other states to determine best practices to mitigate anticipated problems.


Responses to CASINO questions at DEBATES:

  • Lexington Debate – Open House w/ Jay Kaufman 1/16/14:  Watch Debate – Related question at 60:00

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