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March 24, 2014 / needhamgrassroots

Inequality for All Screening – Social Media Notes

Inequality for All – Metrowest Screening with Mac D’Alessandro //

Inequality for All – Metrowest Screening with Mac D’Alessandro

  1. INEQUALITY FOR ALL – Official Trailer
  2. Mac D’Alessandro, Mass State House, March 2011
  3. Movie’s started but you can still join the conversation after with Mac. Here til 5.  #mapoli #wellesley #IFAMOVIE
  4. @InequalityFilm: “Somebody working full time should not be in poverty and their children should not be in poverty” – @RBReich #Mapoli
  5. Honored to have met so many friends, new & old, from #Needham & #Wellesley, at the @InequalityFilm screening at Wellesley library. #mapoli
  6. Notes from #IFAMOVIE: Voter (non)engagement, apathy, disenchantment, cynicism: chicken/egg: we have the numbers but we need to VOTE #mapoli
  7. Robert Reich looks at the NATIONAL inequality picture and talks about how the wealthiest are paying historically low levels in taxes. This is also true at the MASSACHUSETTS level: our state and local taxes are REGRESSIVE. This is policy that COULD be corrected by legislature — but so far Beacon Hill has not made fixing our regressive tax code a priority. Another way to address would be to go thru MA State Constitutional Amendment.
    [

  8. Notes from #IFAMOVIE: MA’s voting laws are out of date; we must #UpdatetheVoteMA: what’s taking so long? #mapoli
  9. READ MORE about voting reform on Progressive Mass. Mass Vote and Common Cause MA are also working hard on updating the vote in Mass.
  10. Notes from #IFAMOVIE: We hv CAPACITY for change; we must #Organize, in our communities, long-term, not just election by election #mapoli
  11. Another opportunity to engage and organize: come to the Progressive Mass Policy Conference — April 6, Worcester:
  12. Notes from #IFAMOVIE: $$ in the political system is corrupting and the root of our mighty challenges to effect change #mapoli #Roostrikers
  13. Mac after #IFAMOVIE: be angry but he’s a hopeful guy. We can organize and make a change. #mapoli
  14. Notes from #IFAMOVIE: Attendees perplexed–why is blue MA having such trouble raising the #minwage and #Indexing it?! #mapoli #RaiseUpMA
  15. Notes from #IFAMOVIE: Mac D’Alessandro warns, mistake to assume just b/c your Legislator says they’re FOR issue, “they’re good”. #mapoli
  16. Notes from #IFAMOVIE: Mac: Supporters (eg #MinWage) need to become CHAMPIONS. Rep supports #RaiseUpMA? Make Rep FIGHT for #Indexing! #mapoli



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