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April 15, 2014 / needhamgrassroots

Voter Suppression: who needs to hear this?

From The Atlantic — everywhere, the ones who can afford to own cars, and who drive, and who have long had driver’s licenses. He has to explain to these affluent and middle-class voters how and why tens of millions of their fellow citizens, who also have a right to vote, cannot afford cars, or cannot otherwise drive because they are ill or too old, and who thus don’t otherwise have the need to have the sort of photo ID that some states now would require.

He’s got to engage with the woman who says blithely: “If I need to show ID to get cold medicine why shouldn’t I have to show an ID to vote?” He’s got to engage with the man who cries that “voter fraud” is rampant but cannot cite proof that this is so. There is an excellent case to be made against voter suppression, and the president has consistently shown that he knows how to make it, but it has to be directed at the right audience and it has to be made over and over and over again until it seeps through.


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