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May 10, 2014 / stacieshap

Steve Grossman

DSC_9475.JPGSteve Grossman is a business owner, and currently the State Treasurer of Massachusetts.  He received his Undergraduate Degree in Romance Languages from Princeton University, and his Master’s Degree in Business from Harvard Business School. Prior to being elected State Treasurer, Steve spent most of his career running his family business, Grossman Marketing Group, which is now being run by his three sons.

Steve is the nephew of political activist Jerome Grossman, and therefore was exposed to politics at a very early age. Like his uncle, he became very active in the Democratic Party.  In the 1990′s, he served as both the Massachusetts Party Chair and the National Party Chair.

As State Treasurer, Steve’s accomplishments include:  1. Creating the Small Business Banking Partnership – which offers loan opportunities to minority-owned businesses, 2. Placing the states checkbook online – making the states financial transactions more transparent,  and 3. Bringing Massachusetts “Reserve Funds” back to Massachusetts from banks overseas (precipitating the SBBP).

Steve has boundless energy and tackles all of his endeavors with the attitude of “failure is not an option”. He managed an extremely successful business for 35 years, giving him a solid background in business finance and worker relations.  And, his experience in the States Treasurer’s Office over the past four years, gives him a unique understanding of the states finances.

He sums up his political philosophy with the following quote by President Franklin D. Roosevelt ; “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much, it is whether we provide enough for those who have little”.  In that same vein, Steve sees Massachusetts as a commonwealth divided, and would like to create a united Massachusetts where no one gets left behind.

On the Issues: (in brief) For more information check out Steve’s issues page.

Jobs: Steve has promised to create 50,000 new manufacturing jobs during his administration. He will look to casinos and clean energy industries for job growth, and hopes to create more jobs through partnerships between vocational schools and private businesses.

Education: He supports universal Pre-K, accessibility to higher education, and educating for the jobs of the future. He would like to create business incentives for internships, and public/private partnerships to align educational goals with the needs of businesses. He would also like to ensure that all of our schools are digital learning ready.  He sees the ARTS as an integral part of education and believes that “a child who picks up a paintbrush or an instrument, is less likely to pick up a gun”.

Healthcare: He is currently focusing on improving the existing healthcare system but says he is open to discussing single payer. He strongly supports investing in mental health services.

The Environment: Steve would continue to build on the initiatives set forth by Governor Patrick. He would like to invest in green energies and green jobs, and create more bike paths and better public transportation in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

Transportation: Steve believes in order to effectively address our transportation needs we will have to invest approximately $1 billion a year, twice as much money as the recent transportation bill provides.

Revenue:  Steve sees reducing health care costs, reforming the criminal justice system, and Casinos, as part of a long term revenue strategy. In the short term he will look at tax incentives and the enforcement of claw back agreements, legislation such as the Main Street Fairness Act, and if necessary, progressive income tax reform.

Other Issues: Steve supports raising the minimum wage and has testified in support of earned sick pay. He also supports a woman’s right to choose, immigration reform, LGBT rights and publicly funded elections. Like President Obama, he believes that income inequality is the defining issue of our time.


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