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July 21, 2014 / needhamgrassroots

Needham for Don Berwick!

Join these fellow Needham voters in supporting Don BerwickIf you wish to add your name to our list of Needham endorsers, please click here or email!

Clark Taylor — Stacie Shapiro — Ken Farbstein — Artie Crocker — Harmony Wu — Chip Wilder — Bob Smart — Janice Flynn — Frank Flynn — Peter Olive — Jill Olive — Patricia Negron — Karen Han — Jason Hornick — John Kirk — Bill Okerman — Terence Noonan — Jennifer Smith — Miles Shore — Eleanor Shore — Katie Edwards — Ross Donald — Corlette Moore McCoy — Scott Muldoon — Diana Kleiner — Sam Bass Warner — Susan Kirk — Donna Vello — Philip Lynes — Marjorie Dean — Janet Klein — Michael Diener — Amy Cicala — Tony Cicala — Phyllis Mays — Jim Miara — Chris Miara — Agnes Leathe — Don Leathe — Tracy Zendzian — Fred Kresse — Susan McGarvey — Linda Davis — Elaine Becker 

Endorsement Statements (Local): 

Harmony Wu  – Sam Bass Warner – Stacie Shapiro

Linda Davis: “I’m delighted to endorse Don Berwick.  His stands on the issues are mine.”

(add your voice! email:

Haven’t made up your mind yet? Find resources on all the candidates:

Already on board?

A strong team of Needham organizers and volunteers has come together to support Don Berwick for Governor. Over 90% of Progressive Needham’s voting members endorsed Don Berwick. Every weekend, volunteers are knocking on doors and having conversations with neighbors about Don’s progressive vision for Massachusetts. Join the team!

all means all

Don Berwick has also been endorsed by Progressive Massachusetts!

Other endorsers (from the BerwickforGovernor website; check there for updates):

Elected Officials

Progressive Organizations

Leaders in social change

  • Marshall Ganz
    “Don Berwick combines compassion, imagination, and professionalism in the transformational leadership our government urgently needs. His visionary leadership of non-nonsense hospital reform saved literally thousands of lives that would have been needlessly lost to costly medical error, his professional leadership of medical practice inspired a rising generation of health care practitioners to put people before profit, and his managerial leadership of the nation’s most complex public bureaucracy brought out the humanity of those serving as well as those being served. Our government urgently needs reform. We need Don Berwick to get the job done.”
  • Paul Farmer M.D.
    “The very idea of having Dr. Don Berwick as governor of our great state gives me hope, as a doctor and as a citizen, for a future in which the notion of the commonwealth – of shared dreams and shared plans to achieve both – comes to replace the fractured and contradictory claims of contemporary politics. My conviction that Dr. Berwick will become Gov. Berwick is based on two decades of fruitful work with him, from Peru to Malawi and – most importantly — to Massachusetts and beyond.”
  • John McDonough
    “I have known Don since 1991 and have never known anyone as smart and courageous when it comes to making needed change happen.   More than any individual alive today, Don has helped our health care systems to improve quality and to find a higher purpose.  As Governor of Massachusetts, Don will challenge and lead us to change, to improve, and to achieve a higher purpose.”
  • Rosanne Haggerty
    “Don has quietly had a hand in so much progress that affects everyday people. He helped make Medicare work better for the seniors who depend on it. He led the charge to make our hospitals safer. In my own work, he has provided crucial advice that has helped end homelessness for literally thousands of America’s veterans. He would be an outstanding governor because he is an outstanding problem solver.”


  • Respected surgeon and author of best-selling books and important New Yorker articles on healthcare reform:

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