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July 25, 2014 / stacieshap

Profit vs. People: What’s our Bottom Line?

imagesIt’s time that our political leaders stop thinking of government as a “for profit” business, and instead, start thinking of it as a “for people” business.

There are significant differences between the two. In the “for profit” world, businesses provide services in order to bring in money. This is contrary to the world of government where we bring in money in order to provide services.

When researching candidates for office, one of the things I try to determine is where they stand on this aspect of governing. Are they someone who will choose to battle financial shortfalls as it’s done in a “for profit” business, thereby cutting jobs and services, and taking on debt? Or will they treat running government like a “for people” business, opting to raise revenues such that jobs and crucial services are protected.

Many of the problems we face in our commonwealth today are a direct result of the governing principle that sets our revenue intake first, and then requires us to adjust our standard of living to meet the limitations of that revenue. This system, more often than not, forces us to undermine the quality of life of our most vulnerable citizens in order to balance the budget.

What we should be doing is setting a standard of living first, and then adjusting our revenue intake to meet the requirements of that standard. That standard should guarantee that a hard day’s work will result in; food on the table, a safe place to live, access to healthcare, a quality education, and a safety net to help those in need.

With this in mind, I hope whoever we elect to be the next Governor of Massachusetts will understand, when running our Commonwealth, “people” are truly the bottom line.


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