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July 31, 2014 / needhamgrassroots

Get Ready to Vote: Ballot Questions on November’s Ballot

ballot measureThere are 4 very important referenda on the ballot on Tuesday, November 4. The implications of their outcome are huge. We strongly recommend voting as follows:

QUESTION 1Repeal indexing the gas tax? NO

QUESTION 2Expand the “bottle bill” to include water bottles, juice, sports drinks? YES

QUESTION 3Repeal the law allowing casinos in Massachusetts? YES

QUESTION 4Give all workers the right to earn sick time? YES 

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  • September 9, Tuesday – Primary Election for all statewide and legislative candidates (statewide: governor, lt. gov., treasurer, auditor, sec. of state; legislative: state representatives, state senators. Not all offices have primary challengers; all candidates affiliated with a Party will appear on the primary ballot)
  • November 4, Tuesday – General Election — for all statewide and legislative candidates and ballot questions 1-4 (above). Vote NO (1), YES (2), YES(3), YES(4)!

Watch this space for more information on these ballot questions and issues. 

QUESTION 1 (repeal the gas tax? NO)


  • Massachusetts 2014 ballot measures – Ballotpedia –
  • Galvin assigns numbers to the state’s four ballot questions. Hotly debated casino repeal will be Question 3. – Politics – The Boston Globe –



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