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August 13, 2014 / stacieshap

Endorsement of Don Berwick

a progressive with a plan (from South Coast Today)

a progressive with a plan (from South Coast Today)

personal endorsement by Stacie Shapiro

Last year at the 2013 Democratic Convention, I was introduced to four political hopefuls vying for the Massachusetts Governor’s seat. At the time, the field was comprised of Steve Grossman, Don Berwick, Joe Avellone, and Dan Wolf, and I was quite sure I would be supporting Dan Wolf, a progressive State Senator from the Cape. However, not long after the convention Dan was forced out of the race due to a conflict of interests. This was followed by Juliette Kayyem and Martha Coakley both jumping in.

With a new list of contenders, many of whom I knew little or nothing about, I began to actively vet the candidate’s to determine who I would eventually support. Over the past year I’ve watched many debates, gone to many gatherings, and spent many hours learning about the candidate’s positions. I even created a blog to share my findings and help others become more informed. (MyGovRaceBlog)

Now, with the Primary Election just 4 weeks away, and the field narrowed to three candidates; Don Berwick, Martha Coakley, and Steve Grossman, I am endorsing Don Berwick for governor. Although all three candidates are strong contenders and they all bring something unique to the table, it’s Don’s positions and policies that I believe will lead the Commonwealth in the right direction.


On the issues, Don most notably differs from his opponents on the following; he opposes the expansion of casino gambling, and he supports a a single payer healthcare system as well as progressive tax reform.

As for experience, Don is a Pediatrician with a Master’s Degree in Public Policy. In the late 1980’s, he co-founded the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and spent nearly 20 years as its top executive, growing the organization into one of the most influential healthcare improvement agencies in the world. In 2010, at the request of President Obama, Don went to DC to take on a temporary position running The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (an agency with a budget larger than the Pentagon). During his 16 month stay he helped to create the framework for the Affordable Care Act, while simultaneously observing (up close) the high level of political dysfunction that exists in our government today.

Don is now back in Massachusetts and determined to change the way government works from the state level on up, and across. Although the general population is just getting to know him, at the Democratic Convention in June his inspiring message managed to garner him almost as many delegate votes as the most well-known candidate, Martha Coakley.

Don’s appeal to those who support him comes as a result of his bold vision for the future of the Commonwealth. It’s a vision that eradicates homelessness and poverty, and provides healthcare and education for all. It’s a vision that invests in infrastructure and new technologies, and promises not to pass the problems of today on to the citizens of tomorrow. And, it’s a vision that looks out for the well-being of ALL Massachusetts citizens.

I truly hope Massachusetts voters will get behind this vision and give their support to Don Berwick in the Primary Election on September 9th.


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