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August 30, 2014 / needhamgrassroots

10 Things You Must Believe to Oppose Universal Health Care



In order to oppose Universal Health Care (UHC) and support Market Based Health Care (MBHC), you have to believe the following statements to be true:

1. With my private insurer, I can select any doctor I want and there is no one between my doctor and me when it comes to decisions My doctor does not have to consult with the  insurance company ny employer has selected, or my employer’s religion to see what medications or procedures are allowed. I can get whatever my doctor and I want, whenever I want it and where ever I want it. It is only with UHC that someone is in between me and my doctor. It is only with UHC that I am limited to my selection of doctors.

2. The poor citizens of Appalachia who stood in the rain for hours to receive limited health care from compassionate doctors and nurses who…

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