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September 8, 2014 / needhamgrassroots

Berwick: the best chance to beat Charlie Baker

The Boston Globe is recognizing what early supporters have been thinking for a while!

The Boston Globe is recognizing what early supporters have been thinking for a while!

Early supporters have been saying it for a while: while Don Berwick is at a disadvantage in the primary, where the other candidates have had long careers as politicians and the political warchests and name recognition that go with it, he actually matches up the best for Democrats against the (likely) Republican nominee, Charlie Baker.

The trouble for Democrats is that Massachusetts seems to like its Republican governors… and Charlie Baker is presenting himself as “not so bad” — socially liberal, moderate on some economic issues.

We need a candidate who clearly delineates the stark differences between the Democrat and the GOP. We need someone who will speak to our core values — not just play it safe — and inspire the occasional voters to turn out in November (the way they did not turn out in Jan. 2010 when Martha Coakley lost to Scott Brown in the special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s US Senate seat).

With his strong and clear commitment to liberal moral values — “All Means ALL” — and his bold policy stances (single-payer healthcare, progressive taxation reform, eg), Don Berwick gives Democrats and liberal independents a reason to show up on November 4 — a positive and strong champion for our shared values.

One of our Legislature’s great progressive State Senators, Pat Jehlen of Somerville, made a similar case today in the influential liberal blog, Blue Mass Group:

[With Don Berwick,] our candidate is a pediatrician who built a non-profit that saved thousands of lives and then went on to manage Medicare, probably the most popular health care system in America (with 1 percent administrative costs).

The opposing [GOP] candidate is a former insurance company CEO who got a lot of state assistance for his company and made it profitable by (according to Wikipedia), “cutting the workforce by 90 people, increasing premiums, establishing new contracts with Massachusetts physicians, reassessing the company’s financial structure, and outsourcing its information technology.”

The pediatrician and single-payer advocate against the insurance executive? These are great optics that you can’t write!! And we can make that scenario true by voting for DON BERWICK on Tuesday, September 9.

Find out more about Don, as well as the other candidates, here:

And most importantly, remind your friends and family — VOTE on Tuesday!!


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