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October 28, 2014 / needhamgrassroots

The Poorer You Are, The Less Likely You Are To Vote (study/Demos)

Why the Voting Gap Matters | Demos — Forty-one percent of non-voters say that they don’t bother to vote because “my vote doesn’t make a difference anyway.”3 The wealthy, who vote at exceptionally high rates, do not share this view. Recent survey work on political engagement, led by Benjamin Page, found that many of the wealthy they surveyed “acknowledged a focus on fairly narrow economic self-interest” when discussing their engagement in the political process.4 Unlike the 59 percent of non-voters who say that they don’t pay attention to politics because “nothing ever gets done; it’s a bunch of empty promises,”5 affluent Americans said they frequently discussed politics with friends and engaged with elected officials. The wealthy vote for outcome-oriented reasons; they have policy preferences they want to see realized.6 Other new evidence casts further significant doubt on the idea that class bias in our electorate isn’t important. Most important, non-voters tend to be much more liberal in their economic policy views compared to voters. Thus, turnout inequality is likely more consequential than previously thought, adding new urgency to election reforms aiming to close turnout gaps and foster a more representative electorate.

via Why the Voting Gap Matters | Demos.

Why? Because the power brokers don't WANT you to!

Why? Because the power brokers don’t WANT you to!


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