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November 4, 2014 / needhamgrassroots

2014 Midterms/Gov. Race: Needham Results

As you now know, statewide, Charlie Baker won, and our endorsed positions on Ballot Questions 1, 2, 3 did not win (1 (repeal the revenue for road/bridge repair) passed; 2 and 3 (bottle bill and casino repeal) were defeated). Dylan Hayre, progressive challenger to Republican incumbent State Senator Richard Ross, did not win. Maura Healey and Deb Goldberg were handily elected to Attorney General and Treasurer’s offices, respectively.

So how did Needham do? On all but one of the races, Needham met statewide progressive results or voted even more progressivesly than the state overall. For example, though the “repeal the gas tax indexing” passed (bad!) statewide, in Needham it was defeated (good!). And while Dylan Hayre was defeated, in Needham he won. Similarly. Goldberg won by slightly better margins in Needham than in the rest of the state, Question 2 (Bottle Bill) lost by a smaller (but still big) margin, and Question 3 (casino repeal) split dead even (versus losing, statewide).

On the whole, Needham behaved more progressively than the rest of the state except in one race — the Governor’s race. Martha Coakley lost to (Needham son) Charlie Baker by the exact same percentages as statewide: 49% (Baker) to 47% (Coakley).


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