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April 13, 2015 / needhamgrassroots

2015 Needham Election: Results and Progressive Needham recs

did-you-voteUPDATE: all recommended candidates WON! Congratulations!

  • Town Clerk’s election results here: 2015_04-14-NeedhamTownElectionResults (PDF)
    • 1,551 Needham residents voted — roughly, 8% turnout. How do we make this better in the future? 

Why? Because the power brokers don't WANT you to! VOTE TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 2015

There are a number of competitive Town Meeting races — please support, for your precinct, the following people who are members of Progressive Needham, or/and part of the larger progressive organizing community!

Precinct A:

  • Donald B. Gratz — a big help most recently during the “Raise Up MA” signature gathering to put Earned Sick Time on the ballot! — WON

Precinct B: (CONTESTED: 10 candidates for 8 spots)

  • Stacie M. Shapiro Progressive Needham Member — captain/organizer of many, many campaigns for progressive candidates and causes! She’s in a contested, tight race — please make sure your friends in B know to vote SHAPIRO! — WON
  • Scott McConchie — WON
  • Kim Marie Nicols — WON

Precinct C: (only 7 candidates for 8 spots — write in?)

  • Progressives need some representation here! 

Precinct D: (CONTESTED: 9 candidates for 8 spots)

  • Heidi C. Black — WON
  • Gregory John Shesko — WON
  • Bruce Eisenhut — WON
  • UPDATE: the last space looks like it will require a run-off vote; candidates Roy Cramer and Kathleen Tedoldi tied for 52 votes each

Precinct E: (CONTESTED: 9 candidates for 8 spots)

  • Ann M. Cosgrove — WON

Precinct F: (CONTESTED: 9 candidates for 8 spots)

  • Deborah S. Winnick — WON

Precinct G: 

  • Katy Dirks — WON
  • Susan Abbott — WON
  • Susan Welby — WON
  • Susan McGarvey — WON
  • Thomas M. Harkins — WON

Precinct H: (CONTESTED: 9 candidates for 8 spots)

  • Thomas Edward Gillogley — WON
  • Elizabeth Handler — WON

Precinct I: (CONTESTED: 9 candidates, 8 spots)

  • Laurie B. Hutcheson — WON
  • John Gallo — WON
  • Peter D. Atallah — WON
  • Lois Sockol — WON
  • Ron Sockol — WON

Precinct J: (CONTESTED: 10 candidates, 8 spots)

  • Georgina A. Arrieta-Ruetenik  — Progressive Needham Member, tireless organizer for Elizabeth Warren for Senate, 2012, as well as many other campaigns!  — WON
  • Michael J. Greis — WON
  • Sara Orozco — WON

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