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November 24, 2015 / needhamgrassroots

8 Racially Coded Terms Politicians Love

poorarelazyManipulating bigotry to support an agenda, while insisting you didn’t mention race:

  1. “Inner City”
  2. “States’ Rights”
  3. “Forced Bussing”
  4. “Cut Taxes”
  5. “Law and Order”
  6. “Welfare,” “Food Stamps”
  7. “Shariah Law”
  8. “Illegal Alien”

Read more at The Root — here’s a sample: “Dog-whistle politics is partly about demonizing people of color, but it’s also about demonizing government in a way that helps the very rich, says López. So, when Ronald Regan said “cut taxes,” what he was communicating to the middle class was, “so your taxes won’t be wasted on minorities.”

A key Reagan operative admitted as much in an interview quoted in Lopez’s book, saying, ”

‘We want to cut taxes’ … is a whole lot more abstract than, ‘Nigger, nigger.’ ” It continues to be more abstract, and it continues to work.

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