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September 19, 2016 / needhamgrassroots

Needham School Committee: Vote YES for Minuteman

Via Needham School Committee Member Heidi Black

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Please join me in voting YES for a new Minuteman Career and Technical High School on Tuesday, September 20th (12-8PM at Needham Center at the Heights). As a member of the Minuteman Regional School District, Needham is participating in a multi-town referendum vote to fund a new, modern high school and receive already approved state funding from the Massachusetts School Building Authority. Minuteman is an important resource for Needham students who seek or can benefit from vocational education.
This project was unanimously approved by Needham’s Town Meeting in May 2016, and is supported by Needham’s School Committee, Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee.
The project has come to voter referendum because the support of all 16 member communities was required for bonding approval in the spring. One community (Belmont) rejected the bonding and therefore, voters in all 16 communities are now being given the opportunity to approve the school funding.
Please read below for more information about the Minuteman project and how you can vote in this special election.
Where do I vote?
For this one time, ALL Needham voters will vote on Tuesday, September 20th from12:00 – 8:00 pm at the Center at the Heights at 300 Hillside Avenue (Senior Center).
What is Minuteman and why do they need a new school?
Minuteman is a regional vocational technical high school created in the 1970s. It provides an alternative to a traditional high school program by combining academics with hands-on, career focused education and training.
The Minuteman building is over 40 years old, with long-standing structural, mechanical and code issues and no longer meets the educational needs of its member communities. A new school will enable Minuteman to offer new educational programs in a more modern, technology-rich environment. Moreover, building a new school was determined to be a more cost effective option than simply renovating the current building.
How much does it cost and how will it impact my tax bill?
The total project budget is capped at $144.9 million, and the project is eligible for a $44 million reimbursement from the Massachusetts School Building Authority. The remaining cost will be shared among Needham and other member communities, as well as capital fees assessed on out-of-district students. Needham’s cost is roughly proportional to the number of students we send to the school.
Where can I get more information?
Please vote YES to support rebuilding the Minuteman Career and Technical High School on September 20th!
Thank you for your consideration and please share this with your network!

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