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February 29, 2016 / needhamgrassroots

Pres. Primary Sample Ballot – NEEDHAM


Vote … EVERY time

[Don’t know where to vote? Check here: – Needham vote results will be updated on this page — sometime tonight or tomorrow]

When going to the polls on Super Tuesday 2016 (Mar. 1), Needham voters will be selecting MORE than just the Presidential nominees for the major parties —

— we’ll also be selecting the members of the Needham Democratic Town Committee, and our representatives on the State Committee.

These are our neighbors who have been active in elections and in the Party, and thus were nominated as a “slate” by the current Dem Town Committee executive council.

There are 35 slots, and — surprise! — 35 candidates. These are YOUR representatives to the Party — get to know their names!

Review sample ballots here:

While you’ve got VOTING on your mind — put APRIL 12, 2016, in your calendar — Needham Town Election. (Stay in the loop: integrate our Needham calendar into yours:

Vote EVERY time! 

November 24, 2015 / needhamgrassroots

8 Racially Coded Terms Politicians Love

poorarelazyManipulating bigotry to support an agenda, while insisting you didn’t mention race:

  1. “Inner City”
  2. “States’ Rights”
  3. “Forced Bussing”
  4. “Cut Taxes”
  5. “Law and Order”
  6. “Welfare,” “Food Stamps”
  7. “Shariah Law”
  8. “Illegal Alien”

Read more at The Root — here’s a sample: “Dog-whistle politics is partly about demonizing people of color, but it’s also about demonizing government in a way that helps the very rich, says López. So, when Ronald Regan said “cut taxes,” what he was communicating to the middle class was, “so your taxes won’t be wasted on minorities.”

A key Reagan operative admitted as much in an interview quoted in Lopez’s book, saying, ”

‘We want to cut taxes’ … is a whole lot more abstract than, ‘Nigger, nigger.’ ” It continues to be more abstract, and it continues to work.

November 2, 2015 / stacieshap

Hillside School, Owens Farm and Town Meeting

owensfarmTonight (11/2/2015), Town Meeting will be voting to approve funds to acquire the (current) Owens Poultry Farm property, as a new site for the Hillside School. The siting issue for Hillside has been a challenging one for the town. There have been several options on the table but each has its drawbacks; environmental, traffic, redistricting etc.

In May Douglas Owens, third generation owner of Owen’s Poultry Farm, offered to sell his lot to the Town in hopes of resolving the challenges the town has had finding a new site/option.
Siting the school on the current chicken farm offers many advantages, compared to the others:
  1. Minimizes the need for redistricting children to other schools
  2. No environmental mitigation needed
  3. Least expensive of the options
  4. Surprise, windfall opportunity to expand the town’s severely limited property options, leaving other sites available for other purposes
  5. Beautiful site with deep history in our town
Of course, there is no perfect spot! But compared with the other sites’ significant disadvantages, Owen’s Farm site is preferable.
Further information / FAQs on the Owen’s Farm and Hillside School can be found here:
  1. The Superintendant’s Blog
  2. FAQs (pdf)
  3. Comprehensive resources linked from Hillside Elementary School Planning page

I also wanted to address a few claims that are being circulated in town via email and letters to Town Meeting members. While there is certainly room for people to disagree with Owens Farm as the best solution, there are many factually incorrect assertions making the rounds. The following assertions have been taken from an email that was forwarded to me, in opposition to Hillside.

Read more…

November 1, 2015 / needhamgrassroots

Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights: What You Need to Know

Produced by our friends at Immigration Justice Task force and the Needham League of Women Voters! Watch this interesting and informative video:

September 25, 2015 / needhamgrassroots

Shape the Party: Become a Member of the Ward/Town Democratic Committee

If you’ve ever complained about the Democratic* party — heads up!dems

If you are a registered Democrat (vs. “unenrolled” aka “independent”), you have the privilege of becoming an elected member of the organization — giving you the means/power to effect change inside the organization. (see the opening line about “complaining”).

Your opportunity to run** for elected member*** comes once every four years — and the vote is during the Presidential Primary election. That means the window is open now. To appear on the ballot in the upcoming election, deadline to file papers is November 6, 2015. Read more…

September 21, 2015 / needhamgrassroots

Where’s the Party? Notes from MassDems Convention 2015

sleepy donkey

Needham Democratic Delegates drove out to Springfield this past weekend to hear from high-ranking members of the party and to talk about issues important to the Party’s agenda.


From Commonwealth Mag –

Baker gets a pass from Dems 

If the state’s Republican governor — he of the sky-high poll numbers, the cabinet littered with Democrats, and a bromantic attachment to Boston’s union-bred mayor — was going to get bloodied up even just a bit for his party label, it should have happened on Saturday in Springfield.

That’s where the state Democratic Party held its sleepy off-year annual convention. It’s a place where throwaway lines about evil-doing Republicans should flow as freely as the beer at convention parties that may be the bigger draw for some delegates.

So is Charlie Baker feeling a little woozy and dazed from all the partisan pummeling?

Hardly. The governor must be thinking: If the noises from Springfield be the music of the fearsome opposition, play on!

The Democrats made sure to get their bash-a-Republican ticket punched. But they did so, Josh Miller reported in Sunday’s Globe, by laying into Donald Trump (Elizabeth Warren) or by branding the whole GOP presidential field a collection of “crackpots” (Howard Dean). But Miller says there was “scarcely a peep of public criticism aimed at a Republican closer to home: Governor Charlie Baker.

At this point, Baker is riding high in terms of popular support and the Democrats have no obvious standard-bearer positioning to take him on three years from now. All of that makes it hard to mount a frontal assault.

An Associated Press story on the morning of the convention referred to it, from the the Dems’ perspective, as “the problem of Charlie Baker.”

Read more…

April 13, 2015 / needhamgrassroots

2015 Needham Election: Results and Progressive Needham recs

did-you-voteUPDATE: all recommended candidates WON! Congratulations!

  • Town Clerk’s election results here: 2015_04-14-NeedhamTownElectionResults (PDF)
    • 1,551 Needham residents voted — roughly, 8% turnout. How do we make this better in the future? 

Why? Because the power brokers don't WANT you to! VOTE TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 2015

There are a number of competitive Town Meeting races — please support, for your precinct, the following people who are members of Progressive Needham, or/and part of the larger progressive organizing community! Read more…