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Learn More About Don Berwick and the Other Gov. Candidates

keep calmHello Needham neighbor!

We’ve put this together for voters looking for resources to help decide whom to support in the September 9th Democratic Primary for Governor!  Whether you’re here because you’re just getting started or because you want to find out more about Don Berwick, we have resources for you:




Stacie’s Compiled Research for MA

Just starting to think about who to vote for on September 9th in the Dem Primary? Start with Stacie’s very useful blog — she’s been researching the candidates since the spring, and she agreed to share her thoughts and findings with us. She’s organized the information by topics (casinos, education, jobs, more!) and compiled useful links

— it very may well be your one-stop source for all things MA Gov! Check it out:


Progressive Massachusetts

Progressive Massachusetts Candidate Forums and Questionnaires


If you really want to understand where candidates stand on policies that make a difference in the lives of people in the Commonwealth, then the Progressive Mass candidate questionnaire is a must-read! You can access it a few different ways —


Progressive Mass Candidate Forum – Video

View by Topic*


View by Candidate*

*note: Juliette Kayyem appears in some of the videos, but is no longer a candidate in the race, as of the Democratic Convention in June.




Compiled Resources


Noteworthy Articles

  • Berwick NECN Debate Link – View
  • Cape Cod Today Endorses Don – Link
  • Metro West Daily News Endorses Don Berwick – Link
  • Boston Globe on how Don might be our only chance to
    beat Baker – Link
  • Boston Herald Article on Don Saving a Life – Link
  • Lowell Sun Profile of Don – “They’re not talking about issues that are really important to the people of this commonwealth,” said Berwick [of the other Dem candidates], who cited as lead among them the excessively high cost of health care. “No, instead they’re yelling at each other about PACs.”
  • Don Berwick: A Progressive with a Plan – South Coast Today
    • Where he differs from many progressives, however, is in his detailed plan to fund the programs that would cut into social inequity, aiding society’s downtrodden, victimized and infirm. “I’m committed to the progressive agenda that I care about,” Berwick recently told the editorial board of The Standard-Times. “I’m going to fight for resources for everything I think needs to get done.””
  • Huffington Post: Massachusetts Chooses a Governor: Implications for Us All | David Katz, M.D. –
  • Don Berwick pitches liberal agenda to business audience – Politics – The Boston Globe –
  • Vote for Berwick if you want to stop Gas Pipeline – Martha Hanner – Gazettenet –
  •  Deval Patrick picks up Don Berwick’s theme: “All means all” — Boston Globe
    • For weeks, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Don Berwick has been campaigning across Massachusetts on his official “All Means All” tour. The slogan comes from his state Democratic Party convention speech, in which he referenced the final words of the Pledge of Allegiance — “with liberty and justice for all” — and told the cheering crowd that “all means all.”
    • Has the phrase caught on with voters? Hard to say. But Governor Deval Patrick seems to like it.
    • Here’s how he described lawmakers’ obligation to ensure opportunity exists for all children, at a news conference this week: “The question before the Commonwealth and the country is not what to do. We know what to do. The question, I think, is whether we mean what we say, and that is whether we mean that ‘All means all.’ ”

Notable Video

Don Berwick’s inspiring graduation speech to Harvard Medical School


all means all
Don on the Issues – 
(from his website; check the main issues page for any updates)


Prog Needham Logo
Needham for Don Berwick




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