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August 8, 2014 / needhamgrassroots

Patricia Blogs: “Returns on Investment” Require “Investment”

We’re proud of the work of Progressive Needham’s own Patricia Negron, over at the Progressive Mass blog! Excerpt below; read the whole thing, here: “Fiscal Conservatism Means Investing Smart”

As a business owner, I know that I’m only going to be as successful as the community I serve. …

We can only have a healthy economy within the context of a healthy community.

A healthy economy and a healthy community both require investments of capital that, in turn, require open discussion, agreement on priorities, and a strategic plan for achieving them.

The key is in the planning.  The current political environment has legislators constantly kicking the can, and failing to do their job in planning for meeting the future needs of the community.  Such an approach is doomed to failure in the business world and, clearly, it is failing our communities.

A “return” cannot be generated unless investments are made.  We must change the conversation from one of “cost” to one of potential returns, and evaluate our public investments accordingly.

Read more: “Fiscal Conservatism Means Investing Smart” — then sign the petition: Legislators! We Need Progressive Revenue Reform!


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